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Dr. Elizabeth Barbier Huston

Office: C-211
Telephone: 972-860-7061
Email: ElizabethHuston@dcccd.edu


ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302, ENGL 2333

I can say calmly, if the blank space must happen, it must, and amidst its darkness the new seed must sprout. So it has been before: first comes birth, and hope scarcely conscious of itself; then the flower and fruit of mastery . . . .
(William Morris, The Lesser Arts)

As a person begins his or her educational journey, learning might, at times, seem like a “blank space,” an insurmountable hurdle. This frame of mind may occur when one attempts to prepare an essay assignment, but no thoughts or words come to mind. However, with time and effort, education does take place. In fact, the person with writer’s block who stared at a blank sheet of paper one day, with practice, soon may become a competent writer.

Learning to write well is an important step toward achieving one’s educational goals. Being able to clearly communicate one’s thoughts and emotions is true empowerment. As a professor of English, I am eager to assist my students in their endeavors to write effectively with skill and confidence.

In addition, I am enthusiastic about exploring literature with students. Through discussions of literature, my classes have an opportunity to make

With my students, I too am aspiring to learn—reaching for the “flower and fruit of mastery.” I hope you’ll join us.


  • PhD, English with a Concentration in Rhetoric, Texas Woman’s University
  • MA, English, Texas Woman’s University
  • BA, English, University of Houston