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Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping outlineMind mapping, also known as clustering, helps students brainstorm and organize ideas. This method allows the left brain to logically organize material while the right brain visualizes the information and creatively moves items.

To start, the main idea goes in the middle, like “birthday party.” Then each branch off of the main idea is another idea connected to it, like entertainment, food, location, and people. Each of these can be paragraph topics in a paper about birthday parties. Then each of these topic points may have branches with ideas. For instance, for entertainment, some branches may include games, performer, balloons, bubbles, party hats, and decorations. If the map looks cluttered, take each topic point and start its own map. This  map, with all the supporting details may become a paragraph, with the main topic in the middle being the topic of the paragraph, and each branch topic becomes the supporting details.

Mind Mapping example