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Study Skills Links — English for Speakers of Other Languages

OWLResources for ESL students to improve English language skills
SchMOOze UniversityConversational workrooms, language games, and other ESL/EFL resources
TransparentVariety of language activities for a variety of languages
Study Guides and StrategiesInformation provided in English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, and more (in 25 languages). Study Guides & Strategies: preparation, classroom, projects, reading, writing, tests, math, science, and more
TOEFLTest information
Dave’s ESL CafePhrasal verbs, chat rooms, help center, and more
Lehigh UniversityClick on English Language Learning Center, then Language Learning Links to get general ESL information, writing & grammar skills, reading & vocabulary, speaking & listening, and pronunciation links and resources
ESL by Rong-Chang LiReading, writing, grammar, listening, pronunciation, quizzes, idioms, methods, games, business English, and more
Many Interesting Things for ESL StudentsWord games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more
American English pronunciation practice 
Online Writing LabFrom Purdue University. Handouts and Materials for Students and Teachers Writing, ESL, punctuation, documentation, and more
Easton Language EducationTeaching pronunciation and guides
South Mountain Community College —Learning CenterInfo and resources for study skills, math, English, mind mapping, basic computer skills, ESL, GED, and teacher resources
University of Texas Learning CenterTrig and calculus handouts, resources for math, English, science, ESL, speed reading, test anxiety, study strategies, learning disabilities, and more
English Works!From Gallaudet University. Exercises, easy to understand handouts for writing, reading, vocabulary, and grammar
QuiaVariety of topics with games, flash cards and activities, including languages from Armenian to Zulu, history, English (spelling, grammar, literature, poetry, essays, adult literacy), math (algebra through physics), child care, science (chemistry, biology, medical terminology, astronomy, physiology), marketing, psychology, economics, art, and more