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Study Skills Links — Education

TeacherVision.comResources include lesson plans, information for classroom management, classroom tools (online grade book, class website, and more), printables for various grades and subject areas, newsletters, and more.
Kid SpaceReading and language skills; stories, myths and fables; stories in Spanish and French; creative writing; braille; and resources for teachers
The Amazing Picture MachineImage search engines, Web activities, lesson links by grade and subject, and more.
Macmillan/McGraw-HillGreat information and activities for students K-8 corresponding with textbooks, although books are not required to access and enjoy the online activities. Subjects include math, reading, language arts, social studies, science, health, music, and Internet safety. Includes various links to other interactive Web sites. There’s both a teacher view and a student view of materials.
Toy TheaterLots of activities in art, math, reading, music, puzzles, games, and playsets. Create animations; work on flash cards, masks, crossword puzzles, poetry; compose music; play memory games; and more.
BBC Resources for Home and SchoolFor all ages of students, school and cultural activities for students, teachers, and parents, including help for study and stress on Onion Street.
ProQuestCheck out the Homework Help for students and Curriculum Support for teachers. Lots of resources and links available.
Blue Web’nTools, references, lesson plans, tutorials, activities, and plans in art, business, community interest, education, English, foreign language, health & physical education, history & social studies, mathematics, science, and technology. Information can be accessed via grade level, content areas, or subject area.
Internet4ClassroomsLinks to various Web sites to help teachers use the Internet effectively. Daily Dose of the Web has great information by content area and random for critical-thinking activities, SAT, calculus, literature, math, quotations, puzzles, trivia, and much more. Also, online practice modules and information on workshops are available.
Discovery SchoolBy the Discovery Channel, the Web site provides information for lessons plans, teaching tools, curriculum and homework helpers, brain boosters, clip art gallery, puzzle maker, science fair central, teacher store, and links to other resources.
edHelper.comTheme units information (art, science, math, health, vocabulary, and more by subject and grade level and by month), writing prompts, art project ideas, literature and reading units, time lines, graphs, and graphic organizers for writing (paragraph, essay, topic/main ideas), math (bar graphs, logic problems, pie charts, prediction/outcome, survey), and more.
ePALS.com Classroom ExchangeResource pages include fundraising information, instant lessons using the news, curriculum and development programs, current events information, online projects and videos, books club, teacher discussion forum, and collaboration with various other sources of information, like Reuters and NASA.
The Learning WorkshopOnline grade book and grade tracking, class message board, calendars, and more. Information is available for teachers, students, parents, and tutoring.
National AtlasThis edition promotes greater national geographic awareness and delivers easy to use, map-like views of America's natural and sociocultural landscapes. Create maps. Get information in a variety of areas.
ScholasticInformation for teachers, parents, administrators, librarians, and students found by curricular area, grade, or learning activity. Many activities, resources, lessons, and products available, including classroom layout and assignment rubrics.
ExploratoriumA museum of science, art and human perception. Areas include Science of Music, Ancient Observations, Cassini-Huygens Mission, Microscope Imaging Station, Origins, exhibits, and more.
ThinkQuestThinkQuest is an international website-building competition, sponsored by the Oracle Education Foundation. Teams of students and teachers are challenged to build websites on educational topics.
Math MasteryOnline source for math tutorials. There are both free and for-pay resources on this site.
McRELResearch and practical guidance for teachers—some for-pay products and some free video information and articles.
Marco Polo—Internet Content for the ClassroomTeacher resources, professional development, and rollout network
Alice in Wonderland —An Interactive AdventureActivities for Alice lovers of all ages: games, puzzles, poems, and more.
BUBL link: Catalogue of Internet ResourcesLinks in categories: General (computing, information resources), philosophy and psychology, religion, social sciences (sociology, politics, education, economics, law), language (linguistics, language learning, specific languages), science and mathematics (physics, chemistry, earth sciences, biology, zoology), technology (medicine, engineering, agriculture, management), the arts (art, architecture, music, sports), literature and rhetoric (literature of specific languages), and geography and history (travel, genealogy, archaeology).
Harvard librarySpecific databases include anthropology, art, biography, business, classics, economics, education, gender studies, history, literature and language, medicine, music, philosophy and ethics, psychology, public policy, sociology
Fun BrainFun, interactive, and some arcade-style games for reading, grammar, writing skills, plus resources for teachers (my gradebook, curriculum guide, quiz lab, and more).
English Language Institute Internet ResourcesAll Skills, Listening sites, Holidays, Presentation skills, Surveys & Rubrics, Critical Analysis of the Web & Debates, Storytelling, Journals, Reading Skills, TELL ELI, Crossword Puzzles, Grammar, Links for teachers, Recording Sound, Tools for Teachers, Culture, Graph resources, Literature, Search Engines, Vocabulary, ESL, GRE/SAT/TOEFL, Madlibs, Student Resources, Writing and Research
Diagramming Sentences 101

Shows how to teach diagramming to students

Teachers.NetChat rooms and other resources to exchange ideas and teaching methods with other teachers
Boston College—CSTEEP ResourcesInformation on education, testing, APA, education standards and testing, and more
KERA OnlineWebsite for the radio and television programs. Valuable information and resources
Discovery ChannelInformation from, about, and by the various educational shows.
Life-Enriching EducationSite offers information on the book, as well as exercises online
CAFS (Center for Adolescent and Family Studies)—Teacher TalkResources on various organizations for teachers, adolescents, and families
Teacher/Pathfinder Home pageResources for teachers on topics, resources, lesson plans, forms, and more
Scholastic TeachersScholastic News for Teachers with great resources and information, teaching strategies, lesson plans, and tools
Learners Online JournalVarious topics, online archive of topics, and educational resources on the Net.

Resources for and about kids

PBS Kids OnlineResources, activities, and more based on the children’s programs on PBS.
DiscoveryKidsInformation and activities from the children shows on the Discovery Channel.
Tiny PlanetsBing & Bong visit and teach kids about six Tiny Planets to visit: Nature, Technology, Self, Stuff, Sound and Light & Colour. The website has activities, articles, and other links for parents and children.
Prevent Child Abuse TexasAdvocacy, conferences, facts, links
Pacific Islands Fisheries Science CenterResources and information for kids and teachers about sea life and Hawaii
Hawaiian indexInformation on Hawaii, food, history, culture, sea life, plant life, education, and much more

Peer Mediation

CAFS (Center for Adolescent and Family Studies)—Teacher TalkResources on peer mediation
Teacher/Pathfinder HomeVarious resources for peer mediation, including links to handouts and more
School Mediation CenterResources and articles on school mediation programs
University of St. ThomasPeer mediation information
Waipahu High SchoolPeer mediation program information
Peace RootsInformation on mediation and links to the American Bar Association