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Study Skills Links — Electronics


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Trigonometry RealmsMathematics, waves, simple harmonic motion; used in EFC classes to demo sine waves
Fundamentals of Power ElectronicsTextbook information and accompanying instructor material, including slides to be used as educational supplements.
AC circuits, AC electricity — University of New South WalesA site using animations to explain AC circuits, impedance, phase relations, resonance and RMS quantities. Contains links to several subcategories involved in physics and electronics.
Home Page of Peggy E. SchweigerLecture notes covering a variety of topics: vectors, AC/DC circuits, electrostatics, gravity, magnetic fields, quantum physics, and much more.
Physics TutorialsTrig, algebra, DC circuits, and more with diagrams, problems, and self-test.
All About CircuitsStatic electricity, voltage and current, electric circuits, resistance, semiconductors, and more.
Interactive Power Electronics Seminar (iPES)This is an educational module dedicated to basic power electronic circuits. The module includes DC/DC converters, basic diode and thyristor converter systems, AC/DC inverter, space vector modulation and basic signal theory.
Physics 232— Elementary Physics IIMichigan State University—Notes, handouts (including work formula sheets) and information on topics including electrostatics, DC circuits, magnetic fields, inductors and AC circuits, lenses and refraction, quantum and atomic physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, and astrophysics.
Elementary Physics II— Boston UniversityCourse notes covering charge, electric field, batteries and capacitors, circuits, EMF, AC circuits, Bohr model, and much more.
SolarbioticsA BEAM robotics community server, hosted (server hardware and bandwidth) in a hands-off sort of way by Solarbotics, Ltd. Contains articles and information on circuits, component sheets and more.
Power Electronics Web —Colorado Power Electronics CenterVarious links to resources, research labs, conferences, organizations, agencies, and more.
Succeed in Physical ScienceLinks and information on various topics in the area of physics, including static electricity, electricity, magnetism, and much more.
Physics 2—University of FloridaTopics include electrostatics, DC circuits, magnetism, light and optics, and more.


EncycloBEAMiaEncyclopedia of information on electronics
Electronics IndexVarious terms defined and explained


Free-Ed.netFree Education on the Internet: various topics with in-depth information in the electronics, automotive, computer, anatomy and medical, business and finance, music, art, and photography fields
Transistor Cross Reference DatabaseThis database currently has over 40,000 transistors in it which can be cross-referenced to other parts.
Relay Training CenterThis is the site for protective relay techs.
Fundamentals of Power ElectronicsUse by instructors and students, slides and information
Fr. Don Matthys, S.J. Physics Home PageLectures, notes, assignments, and diagrams
Columbia Univeristy--PhysicsLabs, experiments, and assignments
College Physics for Students of Biology and ChemistryThis is a hypertextbook written for first-year undergraduate physics students.
NDT Resource CenterEddy Current Testing (EC), Magnetic Testing (MT), Penetrant Testing (PT), Radiography (RT), and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) course information; extensive amounts of information.
Ian Purdie's Amateur Radio Tutorial PagesBasic Electronics page with lots of information and diagrams
Williamson LabsRLC—Inductors information with diagrams
Dallas Semiconductor— MaximGlossary, designer’s tutorials, and resources
Hobby of Electronic Circuit EngineeringInformation, methods
Power Sources Manufacturers AssociationResources, including a quarterly newsletter for the power electronics industry.
SMPS TechnologyPower supply circuit design problems, solutions, tutorials, tips, and resources.
A web site about power supply design for power supply designers.
4QD-TEC: Electronics Circuits Reference ArchiveThis page contains the main index to the electronics section of this site, with certain other general information which students may need.
Nikola Tesla Bio info 


DIBs Electronic Design: CIRCATS - Circuit CatalogsSchematics of simple circuits in GIF and PDF format.
A Discrete FET Guitar PreampA schematic of the preamp circuit
Electronic Circuit SchematicsAudio/music; automotive; computer related; consumer electronics; games and entertainment; microcontroller related; models and model remote control; motor, light, and power control; oscillators and timers; PC related; power supplies; RF circuits; robotics; security and sensor detectors; science related/novelty; telephone; test and measurement; and additional files.
SchematicsAmpeg schematics


Robot-AutomationBasic robot design