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Study Skills Links — French

The Internet Picture DictionaryPictures in beginning English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, along with games, flash cards, and more.
TransparentVariety of language activities for a variety of languages
Study Guides and StrategiesInformation provided in English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, and more (in 25 languages)
Study Guides & Strategies: preparation, classroom, projects, reading, writing, tests, math, science, and more
QuiaVariety of topics with games, flash cards and activities, including languages from Armenian to Zulu, history, English (spelling, grammar, literature, poetry, essays, adult literacy), math (algebra through physics), child care, science (chemistry, biology, medical terminology, astronomy, physiology), marketing, psychology, economics, art, and more
BBCi: Languages

Very comprehensive and easy to use site with topical (travel, vacation) phrases and self-paced online courses. Languages include French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, and British Sign Language.