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Study Skills Links — Learning Styles

Discovering  Your True ColorsQuick quiz to discover one's personality/learning style
eTools4EducationLearning Types
Kalil's Personality QuizTrue Colors Personality Quiz
True ColorsInformation about each color
Teaching to the Seven Multiple IntelligencesInventory tests for various age groups, information, and links
Technology and Multiple IntelligencesExplains the different types, how to use with technology, and how to use the information in the classroom. Great information, handouts, and resources
New Horizons for Learning—Multiple IntelligencesSeveral articles on Multiple Intelligences and how to use in the classroom
Learning Styles ExplainedOnline test, information on how to work with that style and possible career paths, and additional resources
Thomas Armstrong— Multiple IntelligencesInformation, articles, and additional resources
I Think  . . . therefore  . . . MIInformation for teachers with various resources, including inventory list.
Gigglepotz—Multiple IntelligencesInformation and handouts for students, teachers, and parents. Includes lesson assessments
Multiple Intelligences for Adult Literacy and EducationVarious resources and information and assessment tests
Accelerated Learning NetworkTheories, information, tests, and resources
Concept to Classroom: Tapping into Multiple IntelligencesInformation and resources
Multiple IntelligencesMusic and lyrics for mostly science subjects, designed to assist the musically intelligent
Multiple Intelligences Chart

Show activities for each intelligence group to assist with learning.

Index of Learning StylesLearning styles questionnaire, description of learning styles, articles, references, and evaluation material; great for work and study behaviors
Humanmetrics: Jung Topology TestTest based on the Jung - Myers-Briggs typological approach to personality with analysis information
RHETI Enneagram personality testTest, information on how it works, types, type compatibilities, and practical applications