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Study Skills Links — Psychology/Sociology

George Boeree’s Homepage

Variety of information on psychology related to his classes. Great info, pictures and links on general psych, foundations of psych, personality theories, and history of psych.

Abraham Maslow biography by George Boeree’sInfo on Abraham Maslow and his work.
Harvard librarySpecific databases include anthropology, art, biography, business, classics, economics, education, gender studies, history, literature and language, medicine, music, philosophy and ethics, psychology, public policy, sociology
Games We PlayThis thought-provoking Cornell exhibit examines a plethora of pastimes from the 1800s to the present. Some early puzzles promoted principles, others reinforced social stigmas, while others are of a political mindset. "Pernicious" pastimes such as gambling often get a moral bum rap, while educational games promoting math skills and literary and cultural awareness are considered positive influences.
Learners OnlineVarious topics, online archive of topics
Sniffy, The Virtual Rat

... In research laboratories, psychologists use computers to control ... Wait until Sniffy

National Institute on Drug AbuseFacts, brain chemistry, psychological effects, and more
Wadsworth Publishing HomepageInformation from textbooks, book companion sites, interactive quizzes, career options, and links to simulations, workshops, and media news.
Prevent Child Abuse TexasAdvocacy, conferences, facts, links
Writing on HandsAn exhibit about memory and knowledge in early modern Europe exploring the learning, ordering, and recollection of abstract concepts related to human experience and culture.
DreamBank – Psychology Department at the University of California, Santa CruzA collection of dream reports from many individuals, searchable by keyword.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders InformationVarious articles and information on sleep and disorders in adults and children
American Academy of Sleep Medicine 
NeuronicSleep disorder information
The Sleep Disorders CenterA highly specialized outpatient facility for the evaluation and treatment of patients with problems related to sleep and wakefulness