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Study Skills Links — Reading

NIFL—Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles

In the section on Mini-courses, resources include reading components, test banks for various literacy tests, references, and additional resources.

English Language Institute Internet ResourcesAll Skills, Listening sites, Holidays, Presentation skills, Surveys & Rubrics, Critical Analysis of the Web & Debates, Storytelling, Journals, Reading Skills, TELL ELI, Crossword Puzzles, Grammar, Links for teachers, Recording Sound, Tools for Teachers, Culture, Graph resources, Literature, Search Engines, Vocabulary, ESL, GRE/SAT/TOEFL, Madlibs, Student Resources, Writing and Research
Georgia Department of Education Variety of topics under Curriculum, with study guides and other Internet resources
Writing.comStories and skill building for readers and writers of all ages. This site is very interactive and creative.
CCSF Learning Assistance Center’s Favorite links for academic helpSubjects range from accounting, American Sign Language, art, science, history, math, English, music, philosophy, social science, journalism, ESL, engineering, and more
University of Texas Learning CenterTrig and calculus handouts, resources for math, English, science, ESL, speed reading, test anxiety, study strategies, learning disabilities, and more