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Study Skills Links — Religion


GodChecker.comInformation on over 1700 gods from over 12 pantheons, and more planning to be added.
A Network for Grateful Living

A non-profit organization promoting gratefulness in daily living. This site includes prayers for the hours; articles on fear, loneliness, religious harmony, and many more; poetry; e-cards; and more.\

The Vaults of Erowid: Spiritual Traditions

Contains information, resources, books, websites, and more for various spiritual paths: Atheism, Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Occultism, Paganism, Quakers, Shakers, Shamanism, Taoism, Unitarian Universalism, Pantheims, and Confucianism

Ontario Council for Religious Tolerance

To promote religious tolerance and freedom. To describe religious faiths in all their diversity. To describe controversial topics from all points of view.

BBCi Religion & EthicsA to Z on religions and beliefs; very comprehensive information, message boards, e-cards, statistics, feature articles, and more
Boston College—The Boisi Center for Religion & American Public LifeNewsletter, issues addressed, and resources available
A Woman’s JourneyGoal is to provide a guide to the best free sources for spiritual growth and enlightenment on the Internet.


Pray the News

The Secular Order of Carmelites who read the news everyday and pray. Information on the site includes how to pray, who are the Carmelites, for what events are they praying, their views on current events, and more.

Ann Arbor Vineyard Church: Prayer of the hours

Offers the prayers and information

Thanks-Giving SquareDallas resource dedicated to revitalizing the ancient spirit of thanksgiving, including information on events and the National Day of Prayer.
A Network for Grateful LivingPractices, projects, message boards, and more
How to MeditateExplains reasons for doing so and a variety of techniques, including information on the Buddhist path
World PrayersPrayers from a variety or resources for adoration, celebration, invocation, and meditation.


Holiday SpotComprehensive calendar with e-cards and links for a variety of religious and secular holidays
Holidays on the NetCalendar with links to information on various religious and secular holidays


Drepung Gomang Monastic College

Tibetan Monks; links for more information.

How to MeditateExplains reasons for doing so and a variety of techniques, including information on the Buddhist path


UniversalisOffers readings, morning and evening prayers, Mass, and calendar.
Mission St. Clare: The Daily Office

Offers prayers/devotionals, rites, and prayer requests.

New AdventCatholic Encyclopedia, articles, resources, and links to other related websites.
Boston College—Center for Christian-Jewish LearningInfo and links for theology, documents, organizations, and more
Boston College—Center for Ignatian SpiritualityResources, links, and readings
ECLA: Division for Congregational MinistriesComprehensive information and links on Christian education and Evangelical ministries
LifeChasersGlobal network of Christians committed to representing God well in the marketplace and influencing the culture.


Blessings on the Net

A comprehensive portal on Indian culture providing value added services and products, catering to religious and spiritual needs of Indians across the globe.

DFW Hindu Temple SocietyEvents, pujas, community services, and links
IndiaTimesSpiritualityMany articles and resources on yoga, meditation, spirituality, and interactive message boards, koans, and more
IndiaMysticaIntroduces the user to the beliefs, ideals and traditions of the Hindus
Sanatan Society for Scientific SpiritualityGreat glossary of terms and calendar or festivals
Dalsabzi for the AatmanArticles on a variety of topics and mantras



Insight and information on Islamic religion, culture, community, and language

Ramadan Fast-a-thonInformation on Muslim holy day of Ramadan
ZabihahInformation on Muslim dietary restrictions and other links


Boston College—Center for Christian-Jewish LearningInfo and links for theology, documents, organizations, and more
MachersInsight into the Jewish community, including festivals, language, denominations, calendar, genealogy, and more


Covenant of the GoddessNational organization for Wiccans for networking and public education
Betwixt & Between Community CenterResources available on classes, events, tolerance issues, articles, and more


World Pantheist MovementBeliefs and FAQs