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Study Skills Links — General Study Skills

(Including note taking, test taking, time management, stress, memory, listening)

Raise Your GPAUse this calculator to determine what grades you need to reach your GPA goal.
University of Victoria, British Columbia Canada--Critical ThinkingInformation and various handouts on critical thinking, with the focus on distance learners.
Study Guide ZoneSpecific information to help students with several admissions exams (such as THEA, SAT, Accuplacer), vocational exams, licensing exams, and more. Also, various handouts are available to assist with test and study tips.
University of Waterloo-Study SkillsCramming, remembering, and other tips to studying
Sites to Promote Academic SuccessTime management, memory, and more
Mission: CriticalInteractive tutoring for critical thinking skills
University of MelbourneStudy skills, writing, science, and research
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillStudy habits, tests, and ten traps of studying
College of Saint Benedict/St. John’s UniversityTest Taking Skills: Effective Study Techniques for Essay Tests
University of Texas Learning CenterTrig and calculus handouts, resources for math, English, science, ESL, speed reading, test anxiety, study strategies, learning disabilities, and more