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Study Skills Links — Writing

2009 MLA Citation FormatAdobe pdf file describing proper reference citations. From Solano Community College
Queensland GovernmentLinks to resources, including e-Library and other online databases, reference tools (dictionary, medical data, fact book, atlases), online books, and other resources
WebGrammarGrammar, writing, research materials
QuiaVariety of topics with games, flash cards and activities, including languages from Armenian to Zulu, history, English (spelling, grammar, literature, poetry, essays, adult literacy), math (algebra through physics), child care, science (chemistry, biology, medical terminology, astronomy, physiology), marketing, psychology, economics, art, and more
Gallaudet University —English Works!Exercises, easy to understand handouts for writing, reading, vocabulary, and grammar
University of MelbourneStudy skills, writing, science, and research
Creative Writing/English Essay ModelsVarious types and examples with sample papers, including creative writing
University of Arkansas--Writing centerResources and reference material, writing tips and techniques, resources for teachers (including info on plagiarism), and more
Georgia Department of EducationVariety of topics under Curriculum, with study guides and other Internet resources
Writing.comStories and skill building for readers and writers of all ages. This site is very interactive and creative.
Virginia Tech—Study Skills Help InformationProofreading, writing, time scheduling, acronyms, notetaking, and more
ABC’s of the Writing Process

Prewriting, writing, revising, editing, publishing, links, curriculum, great information and resources

Guide to Writing and Grammar—Interactive quizzeshttp://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/index.htm
Guide to Writing and Grammar—Index of all the topics for quizzes


Guide to Writing and Grammar—Principles of Compositionhttp://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/composition/composition.htm
Purdue University— Online Writing LabHandouts and Materials for Students and Teachers
Writing, ESL, punctuation, documentation, and more
University of Texas Learning CenterTrig and calculus handouts, resources for math, English, science, ESL, speed reading, test anxiety, study strategies, learning disabilities, and more
University of Arkansas—Resources for Students and TeachersWriting and reference, grammar, literature, business writing, info on plagiarism, and more