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Learning Assistance Center Rights and Responsibilities

Students, Employees & Visitors must:

  • Turn off sound on cell phones and pagers, and leave the center to talk on phones.
  • Maintain academic integrity. (No assistance with tests.)
  • Close all computer programs correctly when finished working.
  • Maintain a minimal noise level.
  • Make child care arrangements for their children prior to entering the LAC.
  • Expect to be treated respectfully and treat others with respect.

Student Rights:

  • As much as possible, students will be served in the order they arrived in the center.
  • Students may contact the LAC Director with any concerns about the center or services.
  • With a tutor's assistance, students may refer to answer manual.
  • Students may use computer programs to complete assignments and to improve skills.
  • Students may use reference materials in the LAC only.
  • Students may have small snacks or beverages, except while working on computers.

Student Responsibilities:

Students should

  • Use LAC services and computers for Eastfield course work only.
  • Come to the LAC with as much information as possible about their assignments.
  • Bring all supplies and texts necessary to complete assignments, including flash drives for computer use.
  • When seeking help from a tutor, allow enough time to discuss assignments.
  • Read and attempt all parts of the assignment before asking for assistance.
  • Do as much of their work on their own as they can.
  • Ask specific questions. Tutors will not do assigned problems and will not check homework.
  • Bring no more than two writing assignments at a time for review.
  • Ask for assistance only for Eastfield course work.
  • Sign in and out (on kiosk) every time they enter and exit the LAC.
  • Let staff know when assistance is needed.