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Learning Assistance Center Services

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Tutorial Services

The LAC, funded with a combination of grant and institutional funds, provides instructional support in the form of individual and group tutoring. Writing, reading, study skills, and math tutors are available all hours the Center is open. Tutoring in other subjects is available various hours during the school week. Schedules are posted in the Center and distributed to faculty.

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The Center has a considerable collection of hand-outs that students may take and keep. In addition, students frequently create their own hand-outs in one-on-one study sessions with tutors. Students in a hurry are invited to request hand-outs to carry home with them, but students who have time to invest may be able to walk away with personalized study sheets with information and ideas specifically related to their assignments. 

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Computer Related Services

The computers in the LAC are part of the Instructional Computing network based in the computer Center. Students have access to word-processing programs, spread sheets, data bases, and other programs on this network. These computers allow the students to work with tutors on particular aspects of their assignments and then immediately and conveniently apply their new knowledge.

The LAC is also connected to the PLATO software program which provides extensive instruction in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies with skill levels ranging from basic to advanced. In addition, the program includes courses in job-seeking, life-coping, and parenting skills. The software is easy to use and does not require any special computer skills. The LAC is designed to assist students with non-CIS courses. Students needing help with CIS courses should go to the Computer Center for assistance.

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Instructors frequently bring their classes for orientation tours of the LAC. Individual students are also invited to stop by to visit and learn first hand about the Center services.

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Each Fall, the LAC sponsors Study Skills Week to help students enhance their study skills and heighten their college achievements. To learn more about the topics and times of workshops, watch for posted advertisements or come by the LAC and ask for more information.


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Assessment Tests

Current students who need to prepare for the THEA, Accuplacer, or other assessment test will find a wealth of assistance in the LAC. The Center has study guides, computer-assisted instruction, and tutors to help students learn the material for these exams.