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Developmental Education Empowerment Project


The purpose of this campus wide initiative is to engage, educate, and  encourage students to work towards meeting Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements across the three areas of competency—mathematics, reading, and writing.

By participating in deep initiatives on campus, we ask students to:

    Deep Logo Go deep: Proactively educate students to move through  developmental education sequence in a more strategic manner by providing accelerated, alternative routes

     Dig deep: Openly encourage students to commit to education and root in the system, raising completion  and retention rates

     Be deep: Willfully empower students to gain holistic perception of self as student in order to gain awareness and  responsibility for individual path towards college readiness.

The deep movement offers both in and beyond the classroom activities to engage students including: EFC’s deep Week, The deep Workshop Series, & EFC’s deep Camp

"Knowing that I'm not the only one having a hard time in school has been important and comforting to me...participating in deep really motivated me when I felt like I was drowning."
-Charlotte Jennings, EFC Student