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Academic Skills Center for Accounting, Econ, and Math


Room C201

The Math Spot is an academic skills center located in C-201 that provides tutoring services to students who are enrolled in an accounting, economics, or mathematics course. The Math Spot’s mission and goal is to create an open atmosphere that promotes learning and provide services that assist students in achieving academic success. The center coordinates and provides study skills training for students. Cooperative and collaborative learning is also provided at the Math Spot as students utilize the area to meet with study groups and peer-tutors.Mathspot

Wintermester 2014

Math Spot is closed during Wintermester from December 12, 2014 until we re-open on the first day of Spring 2015 semester, January 20, 2015.

 Math Spot Subject Tutoring PDF Document

Math Spot Student Responsibilities PDF Document


For more information, please contact the Math Spot at 972-860-7062.