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Advising Appointments

Our academic advising team is trained in providing the best guidance for you.  The guidance is designed to assistance you from the first day as a student to graduation. You are encouraged to get to know your advisor and to take advantage of the wide range of services he or she can provide. ​Students can make an appointment with an academic advisor in two ways:​     ​

NOTE  Appointments are only available to Eastfield students enrolled in the current semester.  The advising office holds the right to cancel any appointments at any time.

1) Log into Appointment-Plus, a web-based student support tool, click here.
email address is required

2) Contact the Advising Office to set up an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor.

IMPORTANT: Due to the volume of students that visit the college the weeks prior to the start of the semester all advising appointments are unavailable. Students are encouraged to visit the campus for assistance by starting in the Pit Area.