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Student Expectations

When visiting the Eastfield College Advisement Office, students should be aware of their responsibilities as an advisee.  These student responsibilities are to:

  • Understand and communicate personal values, abilities, and goals.

  • Provide accurate and truthful information when being advised.

  • Schedule and keep appointments or call if it necessary to change or cancel an appointment.

  • Learn and understand DCCCD - Eastfield College’s policies, procedures, and requirements.

  • Come prepared to each advising session.

  • Be open to the new possibilities that an advisor may suggest.

  • Follow through on plans of action identified during advising sessions.

  • Understand and accept that you are ultimately responsible for your education and decisions.

Checklist for an Academic Advising Appointment

Whether you are meeting with your advisor in person or via some other medium, you should have all applicable materials for that conversation, including:

  • Review your Program of Study. This report can be accessed on eConnect.

  • Any questions you may have for your academic advisor.
  • The most recent copy of your tentative or official degree plan.

  • An unofficial transcript, if requested.

  • A generated list of questions about resources or concerns you may have.

  • Materials gathered from a plan-of-action from a previous appointment.

Helpful Tips for a Successful Advising Session

Do not be afraid to ask questions.  Your advisor is there to answer any questions that you may have.  Policies and procedures on a university campus can be very complex, so asking questions is an excellent way to better understand them.

Take an active role in your advising sessions.  Come to your appointment prepared with questions and materials.  This is your educational process, and you have the right to participate in shaping it.