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The mission of Eastfield College is to provide excellence in teaching and learning.

What can we do for you?

Registering for classes

  • Students who are on scholastic probation and suspension are required to register with an Academic Advisor. Others can be self-advised and register through E-connect.
  • Scholastic suspended or academic dismissed students must see Admissions to petition for re-admission prior to registration.
  • Students who pursue the following majors or services: Career Technologies, Teacher Preparation, Rising Star, Disability Services, Continuing Education, ESOL and International Students, please see the designated contact persons.


  • The Academic Advisors are available to discuss students' skills, abilities, degree plans, educational background, life experiences and motivation to help them make selections from the many educational options available.
  • You may drop-in at any time to obtain a referral form for assessment tests, and career placement information.
  • We help to determine your courses and class loads that will accomplish your educational goals.
  • We recommend the class load rule of thumb:
If you work:Take no more than:Estimated hours of homework

40 hours/week

6 credit hours

12 hours/week

30 hours/week

9 credit hours

18 hours/week

20 hours/week

12 credit hours

24 hours/week

5 - 15 hours/week

14 - 16 credit hours

28-32 hours/week

  • Advisors evaluate test scores for placement and TSI Assessment status. New students must take the TSI Assessment before registering for classes.
  • Some students are exempt from this test; check to see if you are qualified for TSI Exemption or TSI-Waived.
  • Please see an Advisor for score interpretation if you have taken one of the assessment tests: TSI Assessment, ACT, SAT, TAKS, Compass/ESL, and Future.

Requirements to earn a degree

Transfer guide and degree plans

Meet with an advisor


  • Advising appointments are approximately 30 minutes during non-registration times. 
  • Students can drop-in for academic advising assistance.
  • If students are waiting, drop-in advising sessions are usually limited to 15 minutes. 
  • If you need a longer meeting with an advisor, don't wait until registration begins.

What the Advisement Center Staff expects of you.

Students of Eastfield College are expected to actively participate in their education.  Active participation extends into planning your educational goals. While the Advisement Center staff is available to assist you, the Advisors will not make decisions for you. We will be able to serve you better if you keep the following in mind:

  • Read the College catalog. Be familiar with the courses and requirements for your degree plan
  • View the Advisement staff as a resource. You are ultimately responsible for your educational career, making decisions for yourself, and accepting responsibility for all your actions.
  • Read the Class Schedule each semester. There is more information in the schedule than a listing of course offerings.
  • If you need assistance with choosing appropriate courses, see an Advisor for pre-registration assistance before registration begins.
  • During Registration, Academic Advising is kept to a minimum. The Advisors have a multitude of students to register for classes each semester and other activities are restricted during this time.
  • If you have college credits from another college or university, please bring a copy of your official transcript with you to the Admissions office.
  • If you are thinking of dropping a course, come in early and discuss your options.
  • If you are struggling with your grades, don't wait until you are placed on Probation to see an Advisor. Make an appointment before your academic standing is jeopardized.
  • The Student Responsibility Checklist for Registration (pdf). Your guide to participating in a productive registration/advising session.