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Petition for Reinstatement

This form is to be completed by those students whose Academic Standing is SUSP, DISM or IDIS. Please remember you will not be readmitted back into school if you have not completed your required time out of school. You can read more about your Academic Standing Process by visiting the College Catalog.

**Accurate Email Address is Required**


  • • Understand and acknowledge your academic status to determine if you are eligible to return back to school.
  • • Complete and submit the petition with a current copy of your Advising Report to the Academic Advising Center C120 (log-in to eConnect to access your Advising Report).
  • Petition for Reinstatement
  • • You will either receive an approval email or a denial email.  The email will contain next steps for your enrollment process or when you are eligible to return back to school.
  • • During non-peak registration you will be required to schedule an appointment to see a STEPS Probation Advisor via online if you’re approved.  During peak registration, your petition will be reviewed during your walk-in session with your STEPS Advisor.
  • Review semester schedule and select potential courses to enroll. (Students are encouraged to consider retaking courses not passed to improve GPA faster.)


  • • Advisors may limit the amount of semester hours taken.
  • • Submissions will not be reviewed if questions on petition are left unanswered and inaccurately. 
  • • Submissions will be processed within 72 business hours.
  • • Email will be sent to the email address on file with Eastfield College; please update in eConnect if it has changed.
  • • If petitions for reinstatement are denied you must wait at least one semester before filing again. 
  • • Students maybe required to enroll in a probation course as part of reinstatement conditions. (based upon availability)