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Credit Class Disbursement of Refunds

Refunds are processed and distributed for all students taking credit classes by Higher One.
DCCCD Money Card

Students will receive a MasterCard-branded card — the DCCCD Money Card — in the mail. Students will then need to access the Higher One’s website and choose the method of receiving a refund.  There are three options for receiving refunds.

Reimbursement Options

Deposit to a free Higher One checking account — The DCCCD Money Card then becomes a debit card. Before choosing this option, visit http://www.DCCCDMoneyCard.com  for information on how the card works, benefits of using the card, and find out how to avoid paying any fees. (With this option, refunds will be available within one day.)

ACH direct deposit to a checking account of your choice (With this option, refunds will be available within two to three business days.)

Paper check mailed to your home (With this option, refunds will be processed in five to seven business days.)

Here’s what students need to do:

1. Verify that DCCCD has the correct address at https://econnect.dcccd.edu/moneycard and set up an activation word (login required). Visit the Admission Office at Eastfield College to have the address corrected.

2. Log into http://www.DCCCDMoneyCard.com when the DCCCD Money Card arrives and choose a refund payment preference.

Students must identify a refund/disbursement preference as soon as the card is received. The reason: Any money that DCCCD owes students will be paid through the selected refund/disbursement preference. This includes financial aid disbursements, refunds, grants and any other payments.

3. Keep the DCCCD Money Card and password safe, private and secure.


Please contact the Business Office / Cashiers window with additional questions.