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Corporate Courses Offered On Site

Leadership Skills for all Supervisors and Managers – 6 Module Program

Instructor Dr. Pamela B. Johnson, President NCD

is 24-hour program consists of six-modules designed with the focus of developing a new generation of leaders. Each module will be carefully formulated and customized to fit an employees’ work environment or personal experience.  Each session offers two hours subject content instruction and two hours of interactive learning activities.

Module 1
Leadership Skills (4 Hour session)

Understand the differences between management and leadership and specifically recognize what is important to them as leaders. This session will help you understand leadership as a relationship between leaders and followers. Gain insight into how to identify leadership needs at different times and places. Understand their work behavioral tendencies and develop a beginning understanding of how these styles may affect others. Enhance their effectiveness in accomplishing task by improving relationships with others. Demonstrate effective interpersonal and organizational communications. 

Module 2
Conflict Resolution (4 Hour Session)
Learn how individuals can affect communication patterns and examine the role of power, structure, and tension in work relationships. This interactive session will focus on managing difficult and dysfunctional groups and handling chronic difficult behavior by using progressive discipline.  

Module 3
Motivation (4 Hour Session)
Learn how to analyze the process of team building; integrate the interpersonal skill of motivating employees in a group dynamic. Produce strategies that you can use immediately to motivate people to go above and beyond for your internal and external customers. What specifically creates motivation is it, money, recognition, or environment? Learn what it takes to create a motivated workforce.

Module 4
Communication Skills (4 Hour Session)
Although listening is a core skill in any leadership position, communication skills are the capabilities that more directly involve managing others, from a one-on-one contact, to interacting with a larger and more diverse group. Essential interpersonal and cross-cultural skills are needed to interact effectively with others as individuals or groups. This session will teach the importance of communication that enables you to communicate effectively in the workplace. Focus will be on how best to communicate with those you lead by getting a positive message clearly delivered whether the method is spoken, written, or electronic.

Module 5
Multi-Cultural Leadership (4 Hour session)

This session will teach the essential skills necessary for leading and communicating effectively in a diverse workforce. The student will learn to address the effect of perceptions and stereotypes on leadership communication. Communication issues related to sex, disabilities, race, and ethnicity, and age. Learn the legal implications of a diverse workforce for our new generation of leaders. Multi-Cultural Leadership is offered in a blended format two hours of online work and two hours of traditional on-site training.

Module 6
Coaching For Employee Performance (4 Hour Session)
Learn how leaders manage the complexity created by the dual role of boss-coach.  Gain insight on being able to name performance expectations and ensure employee commitment. Special attention will be given to the four stages of coaching for increased performance:  1.) Reinforce desirable behavior, 2.) Correct below standard behavior, 3.) Provide support and Encouragement, and 4.) Stimulate individuals to strive for excellence in their work. You can help effect positive change. But only if the programs you endorse are accompanied by program of applications, theory must be put into practice.