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Team Building for High Performance and Effective Work Teams

This course is can be condensed or expanded to fit the following hour formats:

16 contact hours

30 contact hours

This course will introduce the principals of building and sustaining teams in organizations including team dynamics and process improvement, earning the student continuing education units upon completion. The most frequent cause of failure in any improvement effort is uninvolved top or middle management. Quality cannot be delegated to others. Managers and Supervisors must lead the change effort to ensure long-lasting success. They must become leaders and coaches. They must focus on preventing and eliminating problems. Only this will lead to constant improvement. The focus of this course is to stimulate effective leadership for high performance work teams.

Course Competencies:
The student will work with the basic principles of high performance teams in actual work site scenarios to develop an improvement plan (short-term) as well as a multi-year strategy for starting and implementing an improvement philosophy on individual teams. Specifically, they will learn what types of teams are currently needed (management, ongoing work, improvement, self-directed, etc.) and what types of issues need to be managed by the teams. For example, reduction of lead times, decreased cycle times, service errors, process management, daily work efficiencies, transaction rates, etc.

  1. The student will learn to how to move decisions downward.
  2. The student will learn how to develop internal experts (coaches)
  3. The student will learn how to expand the effort.
  4. The student will learn how to integrate interpersonal skills, group dynamics, and leadership in the workings of a team.
  5. The student will learn how to participate in a team to apply tools and techniques of the problem solving process.