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Medical Administrative Assistant

The Medical Administrative Assistant certificate program at Eastfield College will help you learn standard medical office procedures and the terminology used in a medical office. The program includes specialized training in medical coding and other health care topics. Our Career Development course will give you the tools you need to transition from the classroom to the workforce.

This program approved for WIA and TAA funding.

Medical Terminology 1

A study and practical application of a medical vocabulary system. Includes structure, recognition, analysis, definition, spelling, pronunciation, and combination of medical terms from prefixes, suffixes, roots, and combining forms.

Medical Insurance

Emphasizes accurate ICD-9 and CPT coding of office procedures for payment/ reimbursement by patient or third party and prevention of insurance fraud. Additional topics may include managed care or medical economics.

Computers in Health Care

Introduction to the concepts of computer technology related to health care and the tools and techniques for collecting, storing, and retrieving health care data using Medisoft software.

Medical Law & Ethics

Instruction in principles, procedures, and regulations involving legal and ethical relationships among physicians, patients, and medical assistants. Includes current ethical issues and risk management as

Medical Administrative Procedures

A course in medical office procedures which may include appointment scheduling, medical records creation and maintenance, phone communications, coding, billing, collecting, third party reimbursement, credit arrangements, and use of computer in the medical office.

Customer Service

Topics include fostering positive attitudes, recognizing and dealing with customer turnoffs, dealing with dissatisfied customers, exceeding customer expectations, using behaviors that win customer loyalty, getting others to give great service, applying winning telephone, email, and web site techniques, using written messages, and understanding the one-to-one customer future.

Cultural Diversity in Today's Workforce

This course provides an overview of workplace diversity to include gender, cultural background, age, and other factors. Topics include behavioral expectations and standards in today's workplace.

Career Development

This course will provide the student with knowledge and skills to obtain and maintain a job.  Topics to include are career and personality assessments, interviewing techniques, resume writing, salary negotiations, working with community agencies, and developing a career portfolio.

Introduction Personal Computer

Beginning students will learn computer vocabulary, what computers can accomplish in the office and at home, and will get hands-on practice in operating the IBM PC. Topics will include demonstration and practice with each of the main types of software packages.

Windows Operating System

This course is designed to assist beginning students gain expertise in Windows. The topics include menus and dialog boxes, creating and saving files, creating shortcuts, organizing files, sharing data between files and applications, customizing the desktop, and using the Internet.

Word 2007 Level 1

Prerequisite: Introduction Personal Computer or equivalent skills. Word processing program that allows students to efficiently create and revise professional documents such as letters, reports, memoranda, and resumes. Topics include saving and retrieving documents, formatting basic business documents, changing fonts, printing, and block functions. The use of spell checker and thesaurus and mouse techniques will also be covered.

Excel 2007 Level 1

Prerequisite: Introduction Personal Computer or equivalent skills. Topics include terminology, basic commands to create and save a file, how to write formulas, and how to perform mathematical calculations.  Also is covered is worksheet editing, formatting, and printing.

PowerPoint 2007 Level 1

Prerequisite: Introduction Personal Computer or equivalent skills. Topics include: creating and working with a presentation; outlining, adding and modifying text; drawing and modifying objects; changing masters and using color schemes; creating, editing and formatting graphs; creating organizational charts; linking information with other applications; and producing a presentation.

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