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Proposed Eastfield College Core Curriculum
Evaluation Process for 2009-2010

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) requires Eastfield College to evaluate its core curriculum. To meet the assessment requirements from the THECB, Eastfield College is evaluating how successfully students who complete the core curriculum achieve identified student learning outcomes. 

Special Note: Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) are statements about what we intend students to know, to be able to do, or to appreciate upon completion of a course, program of study, or a certificate or degree.

To meet the THECB assessment requirements and to gather necessary information for the April 1, 2010 report, we recommend that Eastfield College follow the plan described below for 2009-2010:

September—October 2009
With guidance from members of the Core Curriculum Evaluation Committee (CCEC), academic disciplines identify the student learning outcomes for core completers, determine the means of assessment, and establish the criteria for student success. In addition, they must determine how the student learning outcomes fit with the THECB’s Exemplary Education Objectives and Intellectual Competencies. Note: Member s of the CCEC work in three subcommittees: Student Learning Outcomes, Assessment, and Student Sample Group.

October—November 2009 
The SLO and Assessment subcommittees finalize the student learning outcomes and assessment tool.  The student sample group is identified in preparation for assessment.

November—December 2009
The student sample group is assessed.

December 2009—January 2010
CCEC reviews and reports student success data. With input from academic disciplines, the CCEC drafts recommendations for changes.

January 2010
2009 assessment cycle continues with implementation of recommended changes and 2010-2011 assessment cycle begins.