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Classroom’s and Computer Labs

 The educational computers have been configured to combat the ongoing virus/worm problems. The hard drives are frozen, this means the computers hard drives will be re-written every time the pc is restarted. After 55 minutes of inactivity the computer’s will reboot themselves and return to the pre-configured state.  There is a T:/thawspace (located in My Computer), this is the only part of the hard drive that is not frozen.  If you need to save work on the computers temporarily, it must be in the T:/thawspace, or it will be deleted on re-boot

 All Instructor PC’s have an icon on the desktop to the EDU Helpdesk


Please submit a helpdesk ticket for all non-emergency computer related requests. 

The helpdesk also has a Knowledge Base for answers to common questions. 

If you are having an educational computer emergency, please call 972-860-7669

(It rolls over to an emergency cell phone after hours)

 Rebooting (click on the start button, then choose the restart option) will fix 99.9% of computer problems.

 Please do not turn the PC off

(They receive updates at night)