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The mission of Eastfield College is to provide excellence in teaching and learning.

Grant Development Process

Form A: External Funding Proposal Concept Abstract [pdf]
This form will be used to develop a case statement and can assist the RDO in matching appropriate funding opportunities to your program now and in the future.

Form B: Request for Planning Authority for an Externally Funded Project [pdf]
To be completed by the both the RDO and the Project Manager and promptly submitted to the Executive Council as soon as a funding opportunity has been identified. The Executive Council will review the proposed project to ensure that it is consistent with the mission and strategic plan of the College, not in conflict with other externally funded projects, and is in the best interest of the College.

Critical Considerations for Submission of Proposals Assessment Form
This decision matrix will help guide the selection of which proposal opportunities fit with the College’s goals as well as readiness to apply.