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Pre-Award Process

“How to Apply for A Grant to Support or Develop
New Initiatives at Eastfield College”

See Pre-Award Risk Assessment handout.

Step 1: Contact Resource Development to discuss the following for a potential project. 

  1. Grant alignment with institution’s mission and goals
  2. Type of grant (federal, state, foundation, 1-year, multi-year)           
  3. Timeline for submission
  4. Match requirement
  5. Commitment of the college during and after the project
  6. Number of personnel needed to implement the project
  7. Space for the project
  8. Grant management/Project Lead responsibilities
  9. Partnership requirements

Step 2: Division completes and submits a Planning Authority Form for approval to proceed with proposal development and application submission.

Step 3: Office of Resource Development reviews the Planning Authority Form and communicates recommendations/reservations for Executive Council to consider for approval.

Step 4: Requests for institutional data should be submitted to the Division of Institutional Research and Decision Support at least 3 to 5 weeks before the data is needed. 

Step 5: A Project Planning Team is identified and develops the project design and proposal application with assistance from Resource Development, if necessary.

  • For large and/or federal projects: A Compression Planning session is ideal.
  • For small and/or state projects: Planning discussions may suffice.

Step 6: A final draft of the proposal/application is forward to the Office of Resource Development and the Senior Grants Accountant (Teresa Glover) for review of the proposal and budget alignment at least 3 to 5 days prior to the funding agency’s deadline for submission. Be sure to plan accordingly for forms that require authorized signatures.

Step 7: Resource Development submits the final approved proposal to the funding agency electronically or by mail according to the requirements of the funding agency.