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The mission of Eastfield College is to provide excellence in teaching and learning.


Community & Institutional
Partnership Cultivation
  • Project Planning and Implementation Team Development
  • Community Partnership Development
  • Development of Contracts/Agreements between external partners for grant projects
  • Providing templates and/or assistance in securing Letters of Commitment or Support
Pre-Award Services 
  • Grant Seeking
  • Grant Project Planning and Development (may include Compression Planning)
  • Grant Proposal Writing and Application Development
  • Budget Planning and Development
  • Grant Proposal/Application Submission 
Post-Award Services 
  • Award Notification Announcements
  • Funding Agency Communications
  • Assistance with Budget Set-up for New Awards
  • Grants Management Support and Oversight 
Training and Compliance 
  • Communication of Regulatory Requirements, Changes and Updates
  • Grant Development and Grant Management Professional Development
  • New Grant Manager Training
  • Assistance with Submissions for Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval 
Performance Evaluation 
  • Quarterly Internal Grant Project Performance Review
  • College Grant Development and Grant Award Activity Reports
  • Assistance with Funding Agency Program Reporting
  • Internal and External Audit Support
  • Identification of External Evaluators and Evaluation Teams