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Degree Plans

A degree plan is like your road map to completion. Filing a degree plan lets our faculty and staff know what your final goal will be. Whether you plan to transfer or not, choosing the right degree plan makes a difference. If you have questions about which degree plan is right for you, an Advisor can help you find the fit for your future.

You should file an official degree plan request after your first semester of enrollment; Degree plan requests are not normally processed for students who have no credits earned with us. If you are receiving Veterans' benefits or are enrolling as an international student, please check with your Veterans or International Advisor regarding procedures for filing your degree plan request.

Filing an official degree plan is not the same as selecting a program of study. If you are seeking an associate degree or certificate, you must file a degree plan with the Records Management Office.

Before you request to file your official degree plan make sure:

    ✓ All official transcripts from any previously attended colleges have been
       received and are on file.
    ✓ Your request for an official degree plan matches your program of study on file
       with Financial Aid.
    ✓ The degree plan you are requesting is offered at Eastfield.
    ✓ The degree plan you are requesting is still active, current and not expired.

Remember, your degree plan is your road map to completion and graduation. You have access to this road map 24 hours a day through eConnect. You, the student, have the ultimate responsibility to select and register for courses meeting your graduation requirements. Please check your degree plan every semester to make sure you are on track for graduation.

To request an official degree plan, click here