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The Science Corner

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Science CornerEastfield Science Students:
Please take time this semester to go to the 2nd floor mezzanine area of our science building and use the Science Corner as an additional resource to help you excel in your science courses.  The Science Corner is a place for students to have access to additional science learning resources in close proximity to your science courses.

Science Corner Schedule

The Science Corner is a place where students can:

  • meet with study groups
  • attend review/help sessions
  • get help from science tutors
  • get help from science faculty during their office hours

We hope you will use this new learning area in efforts to help you excel and succeed in your science courses at Eastfield!  For more information, please contact John Emery at 972-860-7141 or the Science/P.E. Division at 972-860-7140.

Science Corner