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Test Accommodation Procedures

Students requiring accommodations or special arrangements for testing situations based on the presence of a disability must request those services through the Disability Services Office (DSO) each semester. Each student authorized for testing accommodations is asked to sign a Testing Policy (pdf) in order to clarify procedures along with their responsibilities in the process.

Once a student has been authorized for a specific testing accommodation, DSO will provide the student with a letter to present to each instructor outlining the appropriate accommodation to be provided. Each letter is individualized based on the student’s need for an accommodation and the nature of the course. Instructions for test provision are included in the accommodation letter.

Instructors will receive two copies of the accommodation letter; one to sign and return to DSO along with one to keep for their records. Students whose tests will be administered in the DSO will be required to present a signed copy of the testing accommodation letter prior to their first test date.

Students requiring double time testing may take their exams in the Testing Center while those requiring additional accommodations such as assistive technology, reader/scribes, or distraction free environments will have tests administered in the DSO.

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule exam times in the Disability Services Office. Due to the number of students utilizing testing services, along with the time constraints inherent in scheduling double time for the testing situation, students may not be able to schedule an exam during their regular class period. Instructors are asked to work with DSO in arranging times acceptable to all parties.

Exams administered by DSO are kept secure at all times. Student workers are not involved in the testing process or in test delivery. DSO testing rooms are equipped with closed circuit cameras and exams are monitored at all times. Any instance of suspected dishonesty will be referred immediately to the instructor for further action.

It is the instructor’s responsibility to deliver exams to either the Testing Center or the Disability Services Office prior to the student’s test date. When delivering a test to be administered in DSO; instructors will be asked to complete a Test Intake Form (pdf) for the purpose of providing specific information regarding instructions and time allowed for the test. Exams may be submitted electronically to efcdso@dcccd.edu in PDF format and must be accompanied by the Test Intake Form.Upon completion, the test will be delivered by DSO staff to the division office. Faculty or staff receiving the test will be asked to sign off on the Test Intake Form in order to confirm delivery for DSO records.