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Bike Unit

Eastfield Police
bike unit

Here at Eastfield College Campus, one of the main advantages of the Bicycle Unit is maneuverability. More areas can be covered in less time. The officers are able to maneuver and travel on sidewalks, traffic jams, and pedestrian crowds, while responding to complaints and requests for assists.

The Eastfield College campus encompasses approximately 240 acres, and routinely has over 10,000 people (faculty, staff, students, and visitors) on campus at one time. With large crowds, small roadways, and many pathways through corridors and courtyards; the bike unit’s maneuverability is necessary and vital to the success of the Eastfield College Police Department.

Mission Statement

The Eastfield College Police Department Police Bike Unit is established to provide the Campus community with the following services:

  • • As an extension of the regular patrol units in field operations to assist with their goal of crime intervention and prevention.
  • • As a tool to help enforce bicycle rules and regulations to ensure a safer environment on campus for cyclists and other traffic.
  • • As an instrument of public relations allowing for greater interaction between police officers and the public.

Statement of Purpose

The Police Bike Unit provides the department with specially trained officers to support the patrol division, thereby providing broader police coverage, to work in conjunction during special operations, and enhance Community Policing.


The Bike Unit is comprised of the following officers:

Sgt. K. Levingston                                     Corp. C. Stratton
Sgt. B. Boney                                            Officer T. Perkins
Officer C. Bass                                           Officer R. Garcia
Officer J. Capetillo