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Candidate Information

2014-2015 Executive Board Elections April 14-21

juan daniel Juan Daniel Garcia A.K.A. Danny
Running for President

"If you wondering who am I no worries, I have the answer for you all. My name is Juan Daniel Garcia. I’m a just a teenager like the rest of my peeps, yet at the same time very different. I’m a Salvadorian man; with a lot of hope and dreams that one-day I will conquer. They’re 3 things that I root for, H.I.D. Which stand for Honesty, Integrity, and Determination. I believe that if a person strives to reach these three qualities, they will succeed in whatever they try to accomplish in life. I would like to become the Student Government Association President because I have a vision, this vision portraits students having a great college experience, whether they’re here for one semester or two years, I would like for students like myself to get a kick out of Eastfield college, and being SGA president would only make that vision more possible."

fabi resendiz Fabiola Resendiz
Running for President

"I believe in myself to be a motive-driven, determined, positive, and educated young woman with dreams to go above and beyond. I currently attend Eastfield College, proud to be a Harvester, and honored to serve the student body as President in the Student Government Association this year if elected. I have served in the Student Government Association at Eastfield College for three years previous to this one; the first, as a Member of the House of Representatives and the second one as the Parliamentarian of the Executive Board, and finally as a Club Representative. With five classes towards my future, with a part-time employment at Eastfield College Library, and with being the first generation in my family to accomplish high school and college, I can understand that my time management may be a little strained. But, I know that if I set my mind and heart to it, I know I have what it takes to be the President that I can be. However, it was Martin Luther King Jr. who said once, “The time is always right to do what is right.” I believe that if I follow my heart into what I know is right, I can still be a great President for Eastfield even if I have too much on my plate. I feel like it is fate to be a part of SGA and ever since I have been a member in some way, I always felt happy, at home, and warm by the comfort of family. That is what SGA is. Family. And it feels right to help out family; it feels right to support family; and it also feels right to be part of a family. Vote and Elect Fabiola Resendiz to be part of the Eastfield College Student Government Association."

Election Dates: April 14-21

 Office of Student Life - Room C-141 - Phone: 972-860-7185