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The mission of Eastfield College is to provide excellence in teaching and learning.

Weekend College

Mission:  Eastfield College’s Weekend Offer offers developmental education,  college transfer, and workforce degree programs to students who pursue their education on the weekends.

Goals:  The goals of the Weekend College are to:

  1. To increase the number of EFC students who complete degrees through weekend study.
  2. To increase the number of EFC students who complete the academic transfer core curriculum.
  3. To increase the number of EFC students who take courses for personal enrichment on the weekend.
  4. To increase opportunities for students to improve their basic skills during weekend programs.


Eastfield College proposes to do this by:

  1. Expanding offerings in a strategic fashion.
  2. Offering student services to support academic planning and transfer.
  3. Ensuring quality teaching faculty.
  4. Offering expanded CE programming for youth and adolescents at times that support parental academic pursuits.
  5. Marketing the Weekend College to attract new students who otherwise might not attend Eastfield College.

Detailed Plan

  1. The Weekend College will expand weekend course offerings in a strategic fashion.
    1. Four 12-week terms will be offered annually (August to August). During some terms, classes may meet 11 times, allowing for holidays. Most classes will meet 12 times.
      1. Once per week sessions, approximately 3 ½ hours in length (with a 10 minute break) for 3 credit hour course.
      2. Classes with labs or which are more than 3 credit hours will meet longer.
      3. Classes are offered on Friday nights, Saturday mornings, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday afternoons.
      4. Ultimately, students may choose to supplement their weekend classes with online courses.
    2. The Weekend College will have a core schedule of classes, some of which will be guaranteed offerings.
      1. A predetermined schedule of classes will be offered.
      2. The designated “guaranteed classes” will be canceled only in unusual circumstances, such as when class size is too small to allow for quality face-to-face instruction. When a cancellation is necessary, students will be advised into appropriate online or self-paced alternatives.
    3. Technical courses and programs will be rotated.
      1. Adequate technical classes will be offered on weekends to permit students to complete AAS degrees in selected programs of study.
  2. Student services are offered that support academic planning and transfer.
    1. A weekend advisor will be identified.
      1. The advisor will “case manage” students who declare themselves as Weekend College students, so these students are aware of opportunities, deadlines, etc.
    2. Full service weekends are offered once per month.
      1. All services are available on those weekends.
      2. Orientation will be provided once per semester.
    3. A weekend transfer fair will be held annually to acquaint weekend students with opportunities to transfer to 4 year institutions with weekend colleges.
  3. Quality teaching is a cornerstone of the Weekend College.
    1. Full-time faculty will be encouraged to teach in the Weekend College on a rotational basis.
    2. Staff development will be provided for weekend faculty related to the goals and services of the weekend program.
    3. A paid staff development workshop related to teaching 3-hour class sessions will be offered prior to the beginning of the August term
      1. Learning Styles
      2. Cooperative/collaborative methods
      3. Achieving learning outcomes in 3 ½ hour class sessions
  4. Eastfield College will offer expanded Continuing Education programming for youth and adolescents at times that support parents’ academic pursuits.
    1. Eastfield is piloting CE programming for children and adolescents on Saturday morning and afternoon at the same time that Saturday morning credit and noncredit classes meet.
  5. Eastfield is marketing the Weekend College to attract new students who otherwise might not attend Eastfield College. The promotion includes:
    1. Print and media campaign, and
    2. Web links to weekend offerings.

Assessment and Evaluation of Effectiveness

  1. Assessment at the program level (Weekend College) will:
    1. Increase the number of graduates who identify themselves as participants of the Weekend College.
    2. Increase the number of weekend students who transfer to 4 year universities.
    3. Increase the number of core completers who take weekend courses.
    4. Increase enrollments in the Weekend College.
    5. Increase numbers of new-to-EFC students.
  2. Course level assessment will also indicate effectiveness.
    1. Student learning in the Weekend College will equal or exceed student learning outcomes in other traditional and nontraditional sections of the same course.
    2. Student success will be analyzed based on a variety of factors to improve continuously the quality of curriculum and services