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Body Conditioning

Body Conditioning I Course Description Body Conditioning I: DANC 1141 – MW 3:30-4:30pm
Body Conditioning I: DANC 1141 – TR 9:30-10:50am

 Hip Hop 

Hip Hop I Course Description
Hip Hop II Course Description
DANC 1222/1223 – MW 12:45-2:05pm


Jazz Jazz Jazz


Jazz I Course Description
Jazz II Course Description
Jazz I & II: DANC 1347/1348 – MW 11:15-12:35pm
Jazz I & II: DANC 1347/1348 – TR 11:00-12:20pm
Jazz III Course Description Jazz III: DANC 2347 – TR 11:00-12:20pm



Ballet I Course Description
Ballet II Course Description

Ballet I & II: DANC 1341/1342 – TR 2:00-3:20pm
Ballet I & II: DANC 1341/1342 – S 11:30-1:30pm

Ballet III Course Description
Ballet IV Course Description

Ballet III & IV: DANC 2341/2342 – TR 3:30-4:50pm


Ballet Ballet Ballet

Social Dance

Mixed Styles I
Mixed Styles II
DANC 1345/1346 – S 9:00-11:00am
Ballroom DANC 1128 – F 6:00-8:00pm


Modern Dance I Course Description
Modern Dance II Course Description
Modern I & II: DANC 1345/1346 – TR 12:30-1:50pm
Modern Dance III Course Description Modern III: DANC 2345 – TR 12:30-1:50pm
Afro-Modern Course Description Afro-Modern: DANC 1345 – TR 5:35-6:55pm


Dance Performance 

Rehearsal and Performance I 
Rehearsal and Performance II
Rehearsal and Performance III
Rehearsal and Performance I, II, III: DANC 1151, 1152, 2351 - Mon & Wed 5:35-6:55pm

     Students in the following classes will perform with the Eastfield College Dance Company. The company will perform for campus events and will host an end of the year concert. They will also work with guest artists throughout the semester.

Dance Appreciation 

Dance Appreciation Course Description DANC 2303: On-Campus and online sections available!


Choreography/Composition I
Choreography/Composition II
Choreography/Composition I and II: DANC 1101, 1102 - Mon & Wed 5:35-6:55pm

For students interested in choreography. It is cross-listed with the Eastfield Dance Company course.