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Four Levels of ESOL

Level 1 – Beginning

This level is for students who have a basic knowledge of English. Listening and Speaking class focuses on conversations and simple phrases. Reading class introduces students to simple texts in English and many new words. In Writing class, the students learn to write clear sentences and are introduced to writing paragraphs. Basic verb tenses are covered in Grammar class.

Level 2 - Intermediate

This level is for students who have more knowledge of English. Listening and Speaking class still focuses on participating in conversations, but students also begin to give simple presentations. Listening skills improve as students learn to understand simple academic lectures. In Reading class, the texts become longer and students learn to understand vocabulary in new ways. Writing class has students write a variety of paragraphs. Grammar class looks at verb tenses, infinitives and gerunds, modals, and adjective clauses.

Level 3 – Upper Intermediate

By level 3, students are communicating well in English. Listening tasks focus on formal lectures, and students give several presentations. Reading class emphasizes identifying main ideas and details as the texts become more difficult. In Writing class, students move from writing paragraphs to writing essays. And in Grammar class, more verb tenses and kinds of clauses are taught.

Level 4 - Advanced

This is the final level in ESOL credit classes. Listening tasks continue to stress formal lectures, and students give presentations to the class. Reading class looks at content similar to that found in a college classroom, and practices summarizing. In Writing class, students polish their essay writing skills. In Grammar class, students review all that they have learned and put it to use through editing. At the end of this class, students are ready to begin college level classes.