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Frequently Asked Questions

Will college be harder than high school?
  • Being in college is different from being in high school. Generally, you will have more freedom to choose your schedule than in high school. You have more responsibility to work on your own and to get assignments done.
Could you explain what a 3 credit course means?
  • Most college classes meet 3 hours per week in the regular fall and spring semesters. Thus, 3 credit hours are awarded upon successful completion of the course.
Can I work and attend college at the same time?
  • Yes. However, balancing work and school is essential. A suggested balance could be 12-15 college hours and working 20 hours or less, or 7 college hours and working 40 hours.
How can I succeed in college?
  • Don't miss the first class in the semester
  • Attend every class
  • Always ask questions
  • Take notes
  • Stick to your study schedule
  • Do not procrastinate (put off work)
  • Be prepared for each class
  • Be on time
  • Read assignments
  • Complete projects
  • Turn work in on time
  • Do not expect extensions for late work
Who can I see for help with my class work?
  • Your professor has office hours each day. These are in their syllabus and are posted outside their office door. Your professor is in the office to meet with students. The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) offers free tutoring service to currently enrolled students.
Where do I buy my books?
  • You may purchase books in the College Bookstore housed on the first floor of the North Building, or on the internet. Used books are often a savings. Keep your receipt in case you purchased the wrong book.
Can I ride the bus to Eastfield College?
  • DART serves the Eastfield Campus. There is a bus stop near the flag poles near Campus Center. You can pick up schedules in the Student Programs and Resources Office (SPAR) on the first floor of Campus Center.
Are there Clubs and Organizations at Eastfield College?
  • Eastfield College offers a wide variety of Clubs and Organizations covering many interests. Contact Student Programs and Resources for more information.
Does Eastfield have collegiate sports?
  • Eastfield College has award winning Men's Basketball and Baseball teams. There is also Women's Volleyball and Soccer teams.