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Tips For Success In Transfer From
Eastfield College To a College or University

  1. Visit Colleges/Universities you are interested in at least one semester prior to enrolling.
    • Take an official campus tour
    • Walk the campus on your own.
    • Talk to students, sit in on a class, eat in the cafeteria
    • Meet with a Faculty Member
    • Examine the Catalog
    • Review the University Web site
  2. Examine the University programs that fit your educational and career goals.
    • Connect your Eastfield College courses and experiences with what the University has to offer.
    • Use the catalog, web site, talk to graduates in your field of study and talk to faculty in your chosen field.
  3. Take advantage of career and future planning programs at Eastfield College that let you connect with University programs and procedures.
    • Visit the University Career and Job Center
    • Take an Eastfield College Career Development course to help you focus on your abilities, interests and goals.
    • Attend seminars on college completion and success.
    • Talk to a counselor to map out a plan for academic and career success.
  4. Plan ahead and get your personal plan together.
    • Studies show that students who apply to college "at the last minute" have a lower academic success rate than those who develop plans.
    • Things change but planning helps in meeting new challenges.
  5. Plan for financial requirements.
    • Talk to financial aid counselors early in the transfer process.
    • Do your own scholarship search on the Internet.
    • Consider how a part-time job will affect your work load.
  6. Learn Time Management.
    • Attending college can be exciting and life changing but it can also be stressful. Learn to balance studies with work, school activities and personal time.
    • Talk to an Eastfield College advisor for time management learning opportunities.
  7. Be realistic!
    • Set a timetable that is "do able".
    • Remember: Success in College or University requires hard work both in the classroom or lab and a balanced life outside of school.
    • This is not a sprint to the finish-line but a long-distance race in which YOU usually can manage the pace.

Good Luck