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10 Steps to Enroll at Eastfield College

10 steps to enroll at Eastfield College

Enrollment steps are provided as a guide for our students. Not every student will need to complete all of the outlined steps, while others may have additional steps not listed to complete. For the most accurate information regarding your individual application status please contact the Office of Admission.

Step 1:

Apply for Admission
New DCCCD Student Application or
Former DCCCD Student Application
  - students not enrolled during the last
    12 months.

Step 3:

Submit ALL Official Transcripts to the Office of Admissions
› Final High School Transcript/GED with
  graduation/completion date, if graduated
  in the last 5 years and/or seeking
  Financial Aid.

› Official College Transcripts from all
  colleges attended, must have been
  printed within the last 3 years and
  submitted in a sealed envelope.

Step 2:

Create eConnect Account
› eConnect is a web interface that provides
  a variety of online services for students.
  Students can review class schedules,
  register (if permitted), view their grades,
  update their student contact information,
  and view their financial aid status.


Step 4:

Provide Proof of Bacterial Meningitis or Exemption
› You must submit proof of Bacterial
  Meningitis Immunization Compliance (or
  booster within the last five years) to your
  college's Admissions Office before
  registering for class.
Some exemptions may apply.

Step 6:

Complete New Student Orientation
› A mandatory program for all new-to-
  college students that provides vital
  information about the college, student
  services, and resources offered by
  Eastfield College.

Step 5:

Complete TSI Assessment/Testing
› Exemptions can be met with prior test
  scores and or previously completed
  college work. Please see the Office of
  Admission for additional details.


Step 7:

Meet with an Academic Advisor
› Meet with an academic advisor to assist
  you with educational goal planning and
  course selection prior to the registration

Step 10:

Get Student ID Card
› Every student should have an ID. Not
  only does it identify you as a student
  while on campus, but it is useful in
  accessing services such as the Library,
  Computer Lab, Physical Fitness Room,
  and Assessment Center.

Steps 8 & 9:

Register For Classes
› Find classes and register using eConnect.

Pay Tuition
› Tuition is based on the number of credit
  hours a student is taking and the
  student’s place of legal residence.