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Drop/Withdrawal Policy

If you are unable to complete the course or courses for which you have registered, it is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to withdraw formally from the course or courses.

Remember – you may also be able to drop your courses through eConnect.  Check eligibility requirements for using eConnect.  Check the drop date deadline for each class you are enrolled in.

Failure to officially drop/withdraw will result in your receiving a performance grade, usually a grade of F.

Drop/Withdrawal Warning for Financial Aid Recipients
If you completely withdraw from all courses or you stop attending classes on or before the day 60% of the semester is completed, federal regulations require that you repay a portion of any federal financial aid funds you received during the semester.

If you receive failing grades in all of your classes, it will be assumed that you stopped attending classes at the 50% date in the semester so you will be required to repay a portion of federal aid funds received unless you provide proof to the Financial Aid Office that you attended class through the 60% date.

For other course completion rules that may affect your financial aid eligibility, refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy published under Academic Rules on the Eastfield Financial Aid website.


To All New Dallas County Community College District Students

Section 51.907 of the Texas Education Code applies to students who enroll in a Texas public institution of higher education for the first time in Fall 2007 or later.

Based on this law, DCCCD or any other Texas Public institution of higher education may not permit a student to drop more than six courses during their entire undergraduate career.  All courses dropped after the official drop and add period for the course are included in the six-course limit, including courses dropped at another Texas public institution of higher education, unless it qualifies as an exception.  Contact your college’s counseling/advising office for further details related to exceptions.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board finalized its rules associated with this statute on October 25, 2007.  Students affected by this law who plan to attend another institution of higher education should become familiar with that institution’s policies on dropping courses. 

Note: DCCCD students whose course work is taken prior to high school graduation are waived (including dual credit, concurrent, early college, middle college, charter high, home school, and private school).