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Learn about 2014 Deep Camp


Are you ready to go deep and rise to the challenge of college readiness?

Are you highly motivated and believe you are college material?

Are you willing to work hard for the purpose of acceleration?

If so, give us 100 minutes a day for 8 days!

EFC's 2014 deep Camp is ready to change your destiny in developmental education coursework.

Check out the 2014 deep Camp schedule now:

What is the 2014 deepCamp?

Eastfield College’s deep initiative is offering a 1-credit hour discipline-specific learning camp that will strengthen academic skills and success in mathematics, reading, and/or writing. Participating in this camp will position students to master learning gaps through customized curriculum that meets students’ learning goals, aiming to accelerate students’ placement in developmental studies towards college readiness and credit bearing courses.

EFC’s 2014 deep Camp is a 1 credit hour course that is designed for highly motivated, developmental education students who want to rise to the challenge of accelerating through the developmental education course sequence in mathematics, reading, and/or writing. The camp is an 8-day (100 minutes per day) learning intensive that is led by an instructor of record who will coach students through curriculum utilizing differentiated and modularized instruction. Through innovative learning interventions, students will encounter small group instruction with multiple learning resources in and beyond the classroom.

Who can participate?

The target population for EFC’s 2014 deep Camp is for two types of students:
1. Current Students
2. First time in college students

While enrollment for EFC’s 2014 deep Camp is open to any student who requires developmental education course work or placement testing, ideal students entering would self-identify as highly motivated and determined to exit out of developmental education courses and into credit bearing courses. The only requirement for enrollment is an active student ID number.

One major target population EFC’s 2014deep Camp will be students who earned the grade of ‘E’ during the previous term’s semester in any developmental education course (i.e. Spring 2014).

How do I pay?

Because the 2014 deep Camp is 1-credit hour course, financial aid MAY pay for this course. On the other hand, students can pay cash for this course. It is only $52!

Does attending the 2014 deepCamp guarantee that I will accelerate?

No. The only guarantee for acceleration is mastering the concepts required for progression within a certain subject. However, studies at other colleges show that students typically hop, on average, 2 levels of DE coursework when they are highly motivated and willing to do the work during summer bridge intensives like the 2014 deep Camp--this is mainly because the strongest indicator for success is determination and a good attitude. For this reason, in addition to concepts within the discipline that are required, students will receive instruction on study skills strategies for test taking, which is another indicator for success in the program.

Remember, success in life isn't about shortcuts -- it's about digging deep and pushing yourself to meet challenges with a positive attitude and strong work ethic!

For more information, please contact Judith Dumont, Associate Dean of CR&M: jdumont@dcccd.edu 972-860-7026

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