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Spring 2014 Course Options for Acceleration
in Developmental Mathematics, Reading, and Writing


In an effort to help students in developmental education move more quickly towards graduation, new courses in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing are available. All courses are either integrated and/or meet for less time than a traditional college semester. Upon successful completion, students move into college credit coursework.

‘Non Course’ simply means this class is non-traditional in time and pace.

NCDM 0071 – Non Course Developmental Math
This one credit, 800 minutes intensive course, is open to all students attempting to hop one or more levels of developmental mathematics. The course can also serve as a refresher prior to taking the TSI assessment test or before beginning college level math. This course can also be combined with college credit courses, such as MATH 1314. The course is offered to developmental math students that are in the last level of the sequence and wish to be TSI ready and complete the college level course in one semester.

Wintermester Boot Camps
NCDM 0071.42245MTWRF10am – 11:40am12/16/2013 – 01/06/14
NCDM 0071.42546MTWRF6pm – 7:40pm12/16/2013 – 01/06/14
Spring Boot Camps
NCDM 0071.43211MW12:15pm – 1:55pm01/21/14 – 02/14/14
NCDM 0071.43212MW12:15pm – 1:55pm 02/24/14 – 03/28/14
NCDM 0071.43213MW12:15pm – 1:55pm04/07/14 – 05/02/14
Linked Boot Camp to College Algebra
NCDM 0071.43210TR12:30pm – 1:50pm01/21/14 – 02/14/14
NCDM 0071.43210TR12:30pm – 1:50pm02/24/14 – 05/15/14

NCDM 0071 & NCDR 0073 – Non Course Developmental Reading

Wintermester Boot Camps In the NCDR 0071 course, students can become college ready in a 10 day wintermester course.
NCDM 0071.42245MTWRF10am – 11:40am12/16/2013 – 01/06/14

In the NCDR 0073 course, students can attempt exiting out of DREA from any level (students must be highly motivated and comfortable with technology). All classes do not require a textbook rather they use MyReading Lab and other supplemental instruction.

Spring 8 week Flex Course Boot Camps
NCDR 0071.43201TR9:30am – 11am01/21/2014-03/14/2014
NCDR 0071.43203TR11am – 12:20pm 01/21/2014-03/14/2014
NCDR 0071.43202TR9:30am – 11am03/24/2014-05/15/2014
NCDR 0071.43204TR11am – 12:20pm03/24/2014-05/15/2014

DIRW 0310 – Integrated Reading and Writing
DIRW 0310 is a 3-credit hour course that integrates reading and writing. Any student placed in DREA 0093 and/or DWRI 0093 can register for this course. Courses are offered in 16-week lecture format, 8-week lecture format, and online. Students who successfully complete this course are TSI met in both reading and writing.

Boot Camps
DIRW 0310-43001TR9:30am – 11am01/21/2014 – 05/15/2014
DIRW 0310-43002MWF9:05am-10:00am 01/21/2014 – 05/15/2014
DIRW 0310-43003MWF10:10am-11:05am01/21/2014 – 05/15/2014
DIRW 0310-43201TR9:30am – 10:50am03/24/14 – 05/15/14
DIRW 0310-43401INETONLINE COURSE01/21/2014-05/15/2014

NCDW 0071 & NCDW 0073 – Non Course Developmental Writing
NCDW 0071 is a 1-credit hour course that allows students to accelerate completion of TSI required writing remediation. This is for students who fall into the designated CUT SCORE RANGE of 361-362; 4 on the writing portion of the TSI exam. There are two options for acceleration:

These are 16-week courses that require concurrent enrollment. Students will complete the ENGL 1301 course while receiving supplemental instruction through the NCDW 0071 course via eCampus and other technological components.

Boot Camps
NCDW 0071-43421
LINKED TO ENGL 1301.43012
MTWRFSUINET01/21/2014 – 05/15/2014
NCDW 0071-43422
LINKED TO ENGL 1301-43017
MTWRFSUINET 01/21/2014 – 05/15/2014

This is a 4-week course that links directly into ENGL 1301, a 12-week course. This course gives students a chance to accelerate through and exit developmental writing in four weeks and immediately enter ENGL 1301. Students should be highly motivated.

Boot Camps
NCDW 0071-43201
LINKED TO ENGL 1301.43208
TR12:30pm – 1:50pm01/21/2014 – 02/14/2014

NCDW 0073
This is a 3-credit hour 12 or 14 week course for students who would like to accelerate through DWRI 0093. Students can exit the course early with two chances to exit per semester.

Boot Camps
NCDW 0073-43203MW12:30pm – 1:50pm02/04/2014 – 05/15/2014
NCDW 0073-43204MWF11:15am-12:10pm2/04/2014 – 05/15/2014
NCDW 0073-43205TR11am-12:20pm02/04/2014 – 05/15/2014
NCDW 0073-43206TR12:30pm-1:50pm02/18/2014 – 05/15/2014

For more information, please contact Judith Dumont, Associate Dean of CR&M: jdumont@dcccd.edu 972-860-7026
Or visit the website: http://www.eastfieldcollege.edu/DEEP/

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