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Learning Framework & Student Success

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Learning Framework – EDUC 1300

This interdisciplinary course is an in-depth analysis and synthesis of research and theory. Emphasis is placed on the use of critical thinking as a foundation while integrating and applying the following research and theories across disciplines: meta-cognition, behavioral theory -applications of change, learning theories, EQ -emotional intelligence, assessment, strategies, moral development theory, impact of values, theory of motivation, impact of perceptions, and logic and ethics.

Students are ultimately expected to:

  • apply meta-cognitive theories to foster academic success
  • categorize behaviors and apply them appropriately
  • integrate and apply various learning paradigms

Student Success – HDEV 0092

This course is an overview of the process of learning, memory, perception, language and thought while applied to the college learning community.

Special emphasis is placed upon practical applications of these psychological principles for students. This course specifically provides an opportunity for the student to learn, practice, and adopt strategies to support success in college.

Topics include individual learning skills, self-monitoring, critical thinking, problem solving, goal-setting, procrastination, stress and time management, motivation, test anxiety, creativity, memory, reading college materials, note-taking, college resources on campus and on the internet, communicating effectively, the importance of supportive relationships, academic and career planning, and the value of diversity.