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Developmental Reading

Full Time Faculty

Jim Bowers

Jim BowersName: Jim Bowers Program Specialist

Office Location: C230

Office Phone: 972-860-7057

Email: JimBowers@dcccd.edu

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Course Taught: Developmental Reading

Educational Background: BA: English/Speech, MA: Reading/Secondary Education, Arizona State University. Further studies: East Texas State University Commerce.

Teaching Philosophy: Every student is unique and special… I try to identify each student’s skills and gifts as well as what their needs are by utilizing a diagnostic prescriptive approach to learning. In order to help, with student success and promote necessary skills, I provide materials, activities and learning experiences for each student, to encourage academic achievements.

Personal Information or Favorite Quote: Learning is the passport to all dreams… and dreams are the essence of life!

John Garcia

John GarciaName: John Garcia

Office Location: C229

Office Phone: 972-860-7600

Email: JohnGarcia@dcccd.edu

Class Schedule and Office Hours- Coming Soon

Course Syllabi- Coming Soon

Course Taught: Developmental Reading

Educational Background: Ed.M. (Specialization) in Reading  [Harvard University Grad. School of Ed.], ABD (Ed.D) in Community College Admin. [New Mexico State University], Masters Degree in Education [New Mexico Highlands University], Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Ed. & History [N. M. Highlands University], Bachelor’s Degree in Bilingual Elementary Ed. [N. M. Highlands University]

Teaching Philosophy:I was the kid who was told by my high school counselor that I would never amount to much—he told me that I was not smart enough or dedicated enough to make it in college. After proving him wrong, I have made it my mission never to judge any student—they each have the ability to succeed.  I strive to help students achieve well-above their expected potential—they do not see what I see in them!  I make teaching an adventure and not just a job—learning can always be fun!  I feel that if a student fails at his/her academic goal in my class, then I have also failed!

Personal Information or Favorite Quote: As a former full contact kickboxer for 8 yrs. as well as a military veteran, I’ve always had a set of quotes (‘Garcia’s Laws’) that kept me going—quitting was never an option!  I have carried these over into my personal life and follow them daily in my career as a professor and Reading Specialist!

Success consists of getting up one more time than you fall!
Great Success can be achieved with the least amount of stress!!
Diamonds were once jagged pieces of coal put under extreme pressure!!!

Loretta Rodgers

Loretta RodgersName: Loretta Rodgers

Office Location: C207

Office Phone: (972) 860-7092

Email: lrodgers@dcccd.edu

Class Schedule and Office Hours- Coming Soon

Course Syllabi- Coming Soon

Course Taught: Developmental Reading

Educational Background:Chicago State University, Chicago, Ill
M.S. in Reading Education

Knoxville College,  Knoxville, Tenn.
B. S.   Elementary Education

Teaching Experience
Eastfield College, Mesquite, TX   -  August  2005 – Current
Instructor – Developmental Reading 0300, 0090, 0091, 0093

Dallas Public Schools, Dallas, TX -   August 1985- August 2005
Department Chair / Instructor – Reading Grades 6 – 12

Bishop College ( Paul Quinn College )  Dallas, TX  August 1981 – June 1985
Instructor –  Freshman Reading

Chicago, Ill Public Schools  and Los Angeles Public Schools   1969 – 1980
Reading Teacher   - Grades 6 - 12

Publications and Papers

 “ The Art of College Reading”, May 3 – 7, 2009
Paper presented at  “IRA” Annual Convention – Minneapolis, Minnesota

“ Strategies for Reading a College Textbook” , April 12 - 15, 2007
“IRA” Regional Convention – Dallas, Texas

“Teaching Reading in the Intermediate Grades”  , January 20, 2006
Comstock Middle School – Dallas, Texas

Teaching Philosophy: As a facilitator of learning, my charge is to  guide  students  through  quality learning experiences.
I approach my students with respect and a belief that they have the capacity to learn and move positively toward their goals. As an enthusiastic  instructor,  I  provide well prepared ,evidence based instruction  with an emphasis on  deep learning,  presented in a student-centered environment. As students collaborate and work together, they learn from each other and as an observer, I continue to learn from them.  A primary goal for me, with emphasis on the individual, is that each student will emerge from my course with  heightened communication skills,  enhanced thinking skills  and most importantly, a greater confidence  in themselves to thrive wherever they might be.

Personal Information or Favorite Quote: “Without Faith, nothing is possible.
With Faith, nothing is impossible.”

Jim Swindling

Jim SwindlingName: Jim Swindling Program Specialist

Office Location: C231 or C213

Office Phone: 972-860-7058 or 972-860-8383

Email: JimSwindling@dcccd.edu

Class Schedule and Office Hours- Coming Soon

Course Syllabi- Coming Soon

Course Taught: Developmental Reading

Educational Background: AA Daytona Beach Junior College, BA and MS Florida State University, EdS Kellogg Institute, PhD Universal Life. Further studies: University of Nevada, Reno, Texas A&M, Commerce, and Appalachian State University.

Teaching Awards: Phi Theta Kappa Scholastic Honors, DCCCD Outstanding Service Award, Who’s Who Among American Teachers, Innovator of the Year, DCCCD Excellence in Teaching Award, Miles Production Company Award, Minnie Stevens Piper Professor, League for Innovation Award, Community College Consortium Faculty Recognition Honor Certificate, National Institute of Health Master Teacher Medal.

Teaching Philosophy: I want to provide to each student a quality education on the one hand and a personal, positive can do self-image on the other hand. I will demand, goad, prod, coerce, question, inspire and spoon feed students weaning them only when each can produce affective and effective learning independently…

Personal Information or Favorite Quote: Part of my greeting to classes each semester is to point out that when they look at me, they will probably see themselves. I am one of six sons born to working class parents. I am first generation to be offered an opportunity to go to college. My high school counselor told me I was not college material and my grades and SAT scores reinforced the forecast of failure. Thank God I did not believe it. I saw the light after a four-year stint in the Marine Corps that included a thirteen-month jungle vacation. My mission in life became giving help to those individuals like me a chance, an opportunity to achieve their dreams without suffering the scars that I collected along the way. As an ex-jock, former Marine and self proclaimed “educated red neck” with seven published textbooks and several dozen articles, I will continue the good fight of showing more students that they too can succeed at playing the game of college.

Teaching Style: It has been described as a “cross between the hard-line directness of a Marine Drill Instructor and the melodic inspiration of a Pentecostal Preacher.”

Turn-offs: Intellectual laziness, pretentious people, users, whiners, underestimating oneself, ignorance, slackers, self pity, racism, elitism, complainers, snitches, excuses, and negative thinking.

“You got to bring some to get some.” -Ex-heavyweight champion “Smokin” Joe Frazier