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Men's Basketball Schedule 2015-2016

Head Coach & Athletic Director
Anthony Fletcher
Anthony Fletcher
Season Record 3 - 0 Season Winning %
Conference Record - Conference Winning %
Us - Them
Fri. Oct 9TBAScrimmage-Mitchell/Mullen Jamboree
MO West Plains, Temple, Jacksonville
Sat. Oct 10TBAScrimmage-Mitchell/Mullen Jamboree
Southern Shreveport, Redlands
Sat. Oct 1712:00Scrimmage-Texas WesleyanMesquite 
Fri. Oct 306 PMPaul Quinn College JVMesquiteW  117    77 
Sat. Oct 312 PMJarvis Christian College JVMesquiteW  126    90 
Mon. Nov 27 PMTexas Wesleyan Univ. JVMesquite W  129    91
Mon. Nov 96 PMPaul Quinn College JVDallas 
Tue. Nov 107:30 PMEl Centro CollegeMesquite 
Fri. Nov 137:30 PMSouthwestern Christian JVBethany, OK 
Sat. Nov 1411 AMHillsdale Freewill Baptist JVOklahoma City, OK 
Tue. Nov 177:30 PMEl Centro CollegeMesquite 
Fri. Nov 207 PMNorth Harris CCHouston 
Sat. Nov 211 PMTomball CCTomball 
Tue. Nov 247:30 PMParis JCParis 
Wed. Dec 26 PMMcLennan CCWaco 
Fri. Dec 41 PMTomball CCMesquite 
Mon. Dec 76 PMSouthwestern Christian JCMesquite 
Wed. Dec 97 PMRanger JCRanger 
Mon. Dec 146 PMRanger JCMesquite 
Wed. Dec 166 PMNorth American UniversityMesquite 
Wed. Jan 65 PMSouthwestern Christian JCTerrell 
Sat. Jan 92 PMCedar Valley CollegeLancaster 
Wed. Jan 137 PMMountain View CollegeMesquite 
Sat. Jan 162 PMBrookhaven CollegeFarmers Branch 
Wed. Jan 207 PMNorth Lake CollegeMesquite 
Sat. Jan 232 PMRichland CollegeDallas 
Sat. Jan 302 PMCedar Valley CollegeMesquite 
Wed. Feb 37 PMMountain View CollegeDallas 
Sat. Feb 62 PMBrookhaven CollegeMesquite 
Wed. Feb 107 PMNorth Lake CollegeIrving 
Sat. Feb 132 PMRichland CollegeMesquite 
Tue. - Mon.
Feb 16 - 22
TBARegional TourneyTBA 
Thur. - Sat.
Mar 10 - 12
TBANJCAA National TourneyLoch Sheldrake, NY 

Head Coach and Athletic Director: Anthony Fletcher
Assistant Coaches: Antonio Richardson, Kevin Martin
President: Dr. Jean Conway