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Renewable/Sustainable Energy

Tomorrow’s Future

Business Industry Careers related to Renewable/Sustainable Energy

Job TitleJob DescriptionEstimated Salary
Energy Management TechnicianEvaluates the energy use patterns for residential and commercial buildings and recommends energy efficient alternatives.$25,000–35,000/yr
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Energy SpecialistDesigns, assembles, installs, services and repairs energy efficient heat pump HVAC systems.$18–19/hour
Mechatronic TechnicianMerges electronics, mechanics, fluid power, PLC and computer controls with sensors, transducers and actuators to manufacture a product or perform a task with minimal human intervention.$35,000–50,000/yr
Nuclear Energy TechnicianThere are several types, ranging from plant operators to maintenance personnel.$40,000–50,000/yr
Power Generation TechnicianWorks with equipment designed to generate electricity that is fed to the grid. The equipment includes but is not limited to turbines and boilers. The power plants can be gas, hydroelectric, coal, diesel, etc.$35,000–50,000/yr
Solar Fabrication TechnicianConstructs solar panels for the industry. Handles the internal components that drive the capability of the equipment to use solar radiation as a source of energy production.$9–15/hour
Solar – Photovoltaic (PV) Installation/Service and Repair TechnicianDesigns, builds, and wires up solar panels that convert sunlight to electricity. They work on residential and commercial sites; they can mount solar systems to roof tops or poles. The skills needed are knowledge of architectural structures, basic electronics/electricity, and use of hand tools.$11–35/hour
Weatherization TechnicianRetrofits and renovates old structures or integrates special energy-saving devices and/or materials in buildings and residences. This occupation, which may include some sales, typically has a commission.$27,000–30,000/yr
WelderUtilizes welding skills for the construction of solar frames, wind turbines, or piping in geothermal or  nuclear plants.$27,000–34,000/yr
Wind Turbine Installation/Service and Repair TechnicianConstructs the towers, rotors, casings for wind turbines of various sizes and capacities that are installed on wind farms or local residences for the production of electrical energy.$14–20/hour