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Renewable/Sustainable Energy

Tomorrow’s Future Q and A:

What is it like to work in Renewable/Sustainable Energy?
Working in the field of Renewable/Sustainable Energy will place you at the forefront of one of America’s emerging industries. Whether you are working with solar, wind turbine, geothermal, or nuclear generated energy, your training in Renewable/Sustainable Energy will provide you the skills for life-long employment.

What educational background do I need to be employed by an Renewable/Sustainable Energy company?
Knowledge of math, science, electronics, pneumatics and mechatronics are some of the areas that will provide you with employable skills.

What other skills are needed for employment?
The student will need knowledge of basic electrical code, electronics and roof construction. You will also need to know how to hook up a multi-meter and how to read and interpret component specifications.

What are the job opportunities in Renewable/Sustainable Energy?
The U.S. Department of Labor predicts the field of alternative energy will be a growth industry for years to come. America’s dependence on energy will not be reduced, but will only increase as manufacturing and production once again step to the forefront of employment. The production and distribution of energy to these industries is essential for America’s economic growth.

What degrees or courses are offered at Eastfield College to prepare me for a career in Renewable/Sustainable Energy?
A certificate or technical degree from Eastfield College in Renewable/Sustainable Energy program will prepare you for a great future in the energy industry. Courses from the mechatronics program will provide you with additional employable skills in this industry.

What are the chances for advancement in the field of Renewable/Sustainable Energy?
The individual who possesses the credentials and works hard in the field can advance to supervisor, manager, or even owner of a company.