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Group Study Rooms

Purpose and Usage Rules


The Circulation staff will control access to the Group Study Rooms. Doors will remain locked until unlocked by Reference staff. Usage will be monitored according to schedule.


  1. Groups may have rooms a maximum of four consecutive hours per day in two hour increments.
  2. If a scheduled group is fifteen minutes late, the reservation is forfeited. The room is then available to another party upon request.
  3. At least two of the group must be present before access to the room is allowed. Two persons must be present at all times. Unattended rooms will be forfeited.
  4. Rooms must be vacated 10 minutes prior to library closing
  5. Do not leave your valuables unattended in the Group Study Rooms at any time. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Unattended items will be taken to College Police.
  6. Noise should be kept to a minimum. In order to maintain an environment conducive for study, the noise levels should be such that no sounds may be heard outside the Group Study Room.
  7. Students may use the Group Study Rooms for study only. Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
  8. The windows of the Group Study Room should remain uncovered at all times.
  9. All rooms house white boards. Materials such as markers and erasers are available in the room. L211 and L212 house TV/VCR/DVD media equipment equipped to display laptops.
  10. The Group Study Rooms are not available for campus activity.
  11. One student from each group will be asked to show a picture ID and sign an Group Study Acceptable Use Policy when scheduling a room.
  12. Tutors and Instructors are expected to adhere to the Group Study Room policies and guidelines. No exceptions.
  13. The Library reserves the right to refuse the use of the Group Study Rooms to groups who violate these guidelines.

Scheduling Guidelines


The Circulation staff has the primary responsibility for advanced scheduling and same day scheduling of the Group Study Rooms. Please schedule Group Study Rooms at the Circulation Services Desk.


  1. Study Rooms are for Eastfield student use and may be scheduled for students only. Exceptions made for Tutors and Instructors are at the discretion of the Reference Librarians.
  2. Study Rooms are made available on a priority basis to EFC students, faculty, and staff for educational purposes. Any commercial use of the Study Room is prohibited.
  3. Two or more people are considered a group. Groups are limited based on room capacity as follows: L209 (6), L210 (6), L211 (8), L212 (8).
  4. Rooms may be scheduled no more than one week in advance. Advanced scheduling is completed at the Circulation Services Desk.
  5. Rooms may be scheduled for two hours on day of service at the Circulation Services Desk. Exceptions made for Tutors and Instructors at the discretion of the Reference Librarians.
  6. A room may be scheduled for a period of two hours. At the end of that two hour period, patrons wishing to continue using the same room must request continuation of that room usage at the Circulation Services Desk. Additional hours are allowed after the group has reached a maximum of four hours as long as no other requests for the room has been made. Patrons must notify the Circulation staff upon departure from the room. Rooms must be vacated 10 minutes prior to library closing.
  7. Groups may not preschedule a particular room for the same time period more than two days succession. Exceptions made for Tutors and Instructors at the discretion of the Reference Librarians.