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Guidelines for Minors


Eastfield College Library supports the academic goals, cultural pursuits and personal development of students, faculty, staff, and the neighboring community.  In order to ensure the regular delivery of user service, in a safe, and appropriate learning environment for users of all ages, EFC library adheres to DCCCD’s Children on Campus Guidelines 2012-2013 Catalog, and Computer Use Policy , and request that all users abide by the following guidelines.


All minors under the age of 18 are permitted to visit the Library accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  A legal guardian is the person legally responsible for the supervision of the minor.  Minors, and parents or legal guardians with minors must adhere to the usage rules as follows:

Note: Minors are defined as anyone under the age of 18. Legal guardians are defined as any adult who is physically, legally, and financially responsible in the care of minors, and are solely responsible for the safety and behavior of minors.

Minors are never to be unattended in the library or any campus area. Minor(s) are to be supervised by parent or legal guardian, and remain at their side at all times. The accompanying adult is solely responsible for ensuring that behavior on the part of their minor(s) adheres to library user guidelines.

Parents or legal guardians of minor(s) who leave them in unsupervised areas adjacent to the library are in violation of EFC’s Children on Campus Guidelines and will be asked to leave the library.

Eastfield College Library collects and maintains resources which support college curricula for adult users. The parent or legal guardian is solely responsible for use of and the intentional or inadvertent viewing or reading of such resources by their minor(s).

Minors are prohibited from all computer areas, adjacent equipment and ASC Writing Center.

Adults accompanied by minors are prohibited from all computer areas, adjacent equipment, and ASC Writing Center.


DCCCD dual-credit, and continuing education students under the age of 18, may access computers for research and educational purposes only.

Participants in Eastfield-sponsored programs, classes, or scheduled activities, may access computers under appropriate group supervision for educational purposes only.

Library personnel are authorized to request proof of age or confirmation of participation in a program, class, or college sponsored activity.

Adults accompanied by minor(s) may be asked to provide proof of legal guardianship.

Minors exhibiting disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. If disturbances continue after one warning, both adult guardian and minor(s) may be asked to leave the library.

Adults accompanied by minor(s) are authorized to use Group Study Rooms.


Campus Police will be notified immediately of minors not accompanied by adult or legal guardian.

Library staff will advise adults accompanied by minor(s) of these guidelines upon entering library.

Staff noting the presence of unaccompanied minor(s) in the library or adjacent campus areas will attempt to locate the parent or legal guardian of that child to inform of, and enforce guidelines.

Campus Police will be contacted as needed, for assistance in enforcing these guidelines.